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March for Oscar Lopez Rivera- 5/30/15 New York, NY

On 5/30/15 5,000 people came together to march for the freedom of Oscar Lopez Rivera. He is a Puerto Rican political prisoner, who has been in jail for 34 years. He is a driving force in the fight for independence for Puerto Rico. Prior to his improsonment he was a community leader, as well as a decorated Vietnam Veteran. This, however, has not helped to free him, and he remains on of the longest held political prisoners in the world.


In 1981, Rivera was convicted in the United States of the thought crime of "seditious conspiracy," despite never having been accused of causing harm to anyone, let alone taking a life.


He was a well-respected community activist and an independence leader for many years, having helped create both the Puerto Rican High School and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. He was also involved in the struggle for bilingual education in public schools and to force universities to actively recruit Latino students, staff and faculty.

Below is a clip discussing the reason for the march, and a little bit about who Oscar was, and why he is imprisoned.