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OCHO is proud to present its sponsorship of this 8 week counseling course on Compulsive Gambling. Group members will be able to work through various issues as it relates to compulsive gambling, mental health issues, and other addictions. It is a psychoeducational course led by licensed level therapists, using a CBT model for treatment. In addition to the group therapy, participants are also able to utilize up to 3 individual counseling sessions with the therapists. These sessions can be used to increase family support through the use of family sessions, or they can be used to focus on more individual issues that have come up over the weeks in treatment, or they can be utilized for both. The best part is that it is ALL FREE. Members do not have to pay a single cent trowards the treatment.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a gambling addiction, give us a call at (732) 705-7113. A confidential phone interview that takes less than 5 minutes will get you started.

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