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Gualterio was honored to have served alongside his fellow Nationalist Party Members in Puerto Rico in order to lay to rest the legendary Senora Laura Menses. While there, Gualterio not only served at Sra. Menses' funeral, but he was also able to help work on some power lines while visiting the area. Check out the pictures below. Thank you, Gualterio, for always serving your island and your people. And thank you to the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico for extending the honor of this invite to Gualterio.


Walter Alomar on location in Puerto Rico, repairing electrical service to the island post Hurrican Maria, November 2018.

CHECK OUT IMAGES BELOW FROM OUR MOST RECENT FUNDRAISING EVENT "COMIC RELIEF FOR PUERTO RICO." We had such a great time with the comedians, who generously donated their time to this event. Thank you to everyone who came out and donated!


Unidos Contra Promesa

On June 5th 2016 various organizations, O.C.H.O. (Organization for Culture of Hispanic Origins),A Call To Action,Unidos Against Promesa, P.I.P. NY, Puerto Rican Nationalist Party - Junta de N.Y. and ComBo - Comité Boricua en la Diaspora, united in front of the offices of congressman Jose Serrano in the south bronx, demanding that he vote NO against PROMESA , otherwise known as HR 5278, and the Fiscal Control Board. The congressman had voiced in favor of the bill that will act as an anti democratic measure against the Puerto Rican people. The bill will force austerity measures, the closure of essential social services such as schools and hospitals, the decrease of the minimum wage to $4.25 for workers 18-25, and the continuos forced exodus of Puerto Ricans from the island. Video by collaboration : LXS DIASPORADXS - ComBo #NoALaJuntaDeControlFiscal #LaGenteAntesQueLaDeuda #PeopleBeforeDebt #LxsDiasporadxs

Posted by Lxs Diasporadxs on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

President of OCHO Gualterio Alomar Raising the Flag at grave of Don Pedro Albizu Campos , Lolita Lebron and other comrades of the Puerto Rican Nationalists Party ??????

Posted by Organization for Culture of Hispanic Origins - OCHO on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Here is President of OCHO Gualterio Alomar on WAPA tv in San Juan, Puerto Rico discussing what it’s like to be part of Hurricane Relief efforts and restoring electricity to the island????????????????

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On September 20, 2019 OCHO was able to present our documentary "Colonization is Extinction" following the annual Puerto Rican Flag raising in Worcester, MA. This event was sponsored and organized by Casa Borkien.People gathred in front of city hall for the annual raising of the flag. It was a beautiful event to see. The crowd sang together, including La Borinquena. Afterwards the film was screened at the Worcester Pop Up, and a discussion followed. All around, it was a great event, and we were happy to have been invited. Here are some picutres from the event.